Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild Horses And Toads

He who is not an enigma to himself doesn't know himself.

Now that I no longer think I find words for all my thoughts.

No longer to pretend to know, or even guess, what shapes human destinies, human lives.

No lily cares if it's the first.

For lack of love one does a million other things.

We tame wild horses, and worse make it a crime to be one.

Dreams were the first movies.

Now that we know war is absurd there are more wars than ever.

A toad can dream of outrunning a train.

One learns by doing, not by learning to do.

First there must be flowers; then you can arrange them.

A new theory doesn't change the way things actually happen.

The classical is what you praise: the romantic is what you love.

Truth is an outlaw in every country.

You don't have to die to be resurrected.