Sunday, November 3, 2013

Every Flower Is The Rose

Lovers jump into bed without thinking.  That's the only way it can be done.

A cup that was spilling over still wanted more.

We all talk to ourselves.  Those we call mad just talk a little louder.

The difference between an ocean and a desert is Time.

Art is made out of pieces of ourselves.

Boredom is peace misunderstood.

To one who loves birds, morning always wakes up singing.

In dreams and stories we rearrange our lives.

Good reasons do not exist for poisoning the water supply.

A few stones that hit rock bottom found a home there.

The log on the fire: is it dreaming of the forest?

Every side attacks you when you don't take sides.

Make your life beautiful, you're the only one who can.

Remember: every flower is the rose.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild Horses And Toads

He who is not an enigma to himself doesn't know himself.

Now that I no longer think I find words for all my thoughts.

No longer to pretend to know, or even guess, what shapes human destinies, human lives.

No lily cares if it's the first.

For lack of love one does a million other things.

We tame wild horses, and worse make it a crime to be one.

Dreams were the first movies.

Now that we know war is absurd there are more wars than ever.

A toad can dream of outrunning a train.

One learns by doing, not by learning to do.

First there must be flowers; then you can arrange them.

A new theory doesn't change the way things actually happen.

The classical is what you praise: the romantic is what you love.

Truth is an outlaw in every country.

You don't have to die to be resurrected.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Most Beautiful Fact Of All

Imagination, to really soar, must keep one foot on the ground.

I never compete; I only play.

Let every breeze draw you out of yourself.

Tears have always been easier to shed than explain.

Solitude is where one discovers one is not alone.

When I saw the geese floating on the lake I saw what my life could be.

All people die.  Is that reality or just my point of view?

Who gave fire permission to burn?

There is music you never hear unless you play it yourself.

Birds don't fly because they're in a hurry.

See the buds with your own eyes; touch the acorn with your own hand.

Defying gravity is easy; not falling is the hard thing.

Morning will come, it has no choice.

Making adjustments while moving is my idea of thinking.

Philosophy: unsound conclusions based on sound reasoning.

Being right: the human disease.

The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.

The direction a cloud is moving is always approved of by the wind.

What is heroic is not making life any harder than it has to be.

Words have to make sense; facts don't.  That life makes no sense is the most beautiful fact of all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking Toward The Sea

Unless you're walking your thoughts will get you nowhere.

The life you have is richer than the one you dream of.

Heart to heart talks have been my mistresses.

Whenever I do nothing I feel I've accomplished a lot.

In my basket there's always room for something new.

Information is what you put in empty heads to keep them empty.

If you want to set your life in order, consider it already done.

Ask the wave as it withdraws what freedom is.

The wrong step is the right step once you take it.

Knowing how to sing, and being able to sing, is still not singing.

Nothing succeeds like indifference to success.

Thirst is a language even the grass understands.

Another person: a door you can't enter, even by knocking.

You have to test your oars in the waters of reality.

Future developments can't mar our happiness now.

The only tame lion is the one that has tamed itself.

When I walk toward the sea I know the sea will be there waiting for me.

Here's what I've learned: there's more than one way to live.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Writer's Holiday

Walking is blind, even toward a clear horizon.

The oyster never felt so free as when a thief stole her pearl.

Some leaves hang on longer but eventually they all fall.

A forecast can be wrong, but not the weather.

What does introspection mean? It means you're looking in the wrong direction.

Life corrects the errors of logic.

The scientist seeks laws; the historian, causes; the artist, freedom.

Writer's block is a writer's holiday.

To board that slow train called Life and ride it to the end.

Being awake is no different than sleeping if all you do is dream.

Digging, one finds more rocks than gold.

The sea is captive in a drop of water.

In the end, it's the poet's voice that will be heard.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Gardener's Thoughts

Could I master the language I'd speak only silence.

No one can think clearly who thinks only with their head.

The moon is always full, though you can't always see it.

Many a petal has yet to fall before the last one falls.

A wave is no less free because the current helps it along.

Rain or shine, the cicadas find something to sing about.

Flowers are the gardener's thoughts.

When you win an argument, what do you win?

The world makes sense to those who don't try to make sense of it.

Even to have lived in vain is beautiful.

If my hand on yours trembles it's because bodies never lie.

Not trying makes everything easy.

When you chop life into little pieces you don't get pieces of life.

Don't stand in the hallway waiting; join the feast.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Caprices Of Summer

Earth, does it amaze you? How birds come down from the sky to walk on you?

I saw a man walking with his chin on his chest. His thoughts were weighing him down.

In my travels I found no answers, only wonders.

The liars don't worry me. It's the people who think they know the truth.

I'm not a thief because no one has anything I want.

Love hurts because you think that's what love is.

Everything the candle knows it learned in the dark.

Thought should be less profound and more human.

I made my life my dream so I could live it.

Between the planting and the harvest lie all the caprices of summer.

If a fool plants a beautiful garden, is he still a fool?

Pretend to be ticklish if it makes you laugh.

Even when you dial the wrong number there's someone at the other end.

Like a surfer only the next wave interests me.